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Frameworks (Basic & Advanced)

Every successful business in the world needs three core systems to be in place:

  1. The ability to attract new leads into your sales funnel (traffic system).
  2. The ability to convert and capture leads (conversion system).
  3. The ability to turn strangers into friends … friends into customers … and customers into raving fans and repeat customers (relationship and retention system).

Here’s what the basic framework looks like:

Here’s what the framework looks like when all the extra bits are added:

Advanced Framework:

It can sometimes be a little overwhelming to look at the entire business as only one big system…

… which is why I look at each component within the business as it’s own independent self-contained “system”.

Traffic is a system (the traffic system) … but within the traffic system — are independent sub-systems. Bing is a sub-system … just as Facebook is a sub-system. Both are unrelated and totally separate.

When I started looking at my business like this — things became a lot less overwhelming and complicated.

I’ll discuss more about systems behind the curtain.

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